The Website Installer located in the Plug-In Profit Site Domains Web Hosting Control Panel provide you with a quick and simple solution to set up a fresh site with a custom design within just a few min’s. All it requires is merely 4 basic steps for your new website to be on the web. You can actually pick from over two hundred customizable website templates and just as soon as everything is prepared, you can take care of your new site with a click of the mouse. We’re going to send you logon credentials for the management area and you will be able to begin adding completely new site pages instantly. In case, anytime, you need help – the computer engineers will be available 24/7, in a position to help you.

The Website Installer can be acquired with every Linux cloud web hosting, VPS servers, semi-dedicated hosting plans, and Linux dedicated web hosting plans offer coming with the Plug-In Profit Site Domains Web Hosting Control Panel.

A Site Installer For Everyone

Build a brand new web site without having site development knowledge

The website installation tool links the gap between technologically non–prepared users and complicated web site production and layout. Making use of the application, you simply will not have to have got any knowledge in HTML or CSS. You will just need to select how your site is going to be like and hit the installation button of the application. That is all. After that, it is possible to include unique webpages and include your own personal pics with just a mouse click. No code to create, no design to build up. It is all is taken care of from the intuitive application in the backend and is done in no time.

In case, for whatever reason, you aren’t happy with what you have created, you can always reverse the modifications and start from scratch.

Easy-to-use Website Installer

200+ Site Templates At Hand

Set up your new website with only a click of the mouse

To help you get hold of a brand new web site on the Internet immediately, we’ve developed an assortment of website templates to choose from. Based on the purpose of your website, you can find a perfect theme for use on your blog or photo gallery or the most suitable design and style for your portfolio. All themes are accessible for cost–free download in your own Web Hosting Control Panel. We have been working to produce completely new website templates as per the most current style and design trends so as to supply you with a better choice for your personal websites.

200+ Free Templates

Connect with Us 24 hours a day for Help

Our hosting support professionals are readily available 24 hours a day

We have been in the web hosting sector for a long time now and have a team of well–experienced engineers to help you out with virtually any problem you could epxerience with your site(s). Additionally, you can consult with Plug-In Profit Site Domains’s FAQ and the amazing array of step–by–step educational videos that cover the frequently inquired questions and give approaches to the most popular difficulties. With the one–hour reply time period guarantee that we trim down to 20 min’s in non–busy hours, you’ll get well–timed help anytime.

24/7 Support